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Where you will find candid images from WSHS Events that take place throughout the school year.
Electronic files are accompanied with a personal license so you can print your own.
Keep in mind when you order a finished product you can crop the image to your liking. If you have any question, please call the studio at: 614-882-1842.

091314WSHS Day

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09132013WSHS Day 1

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09132013WSHS Day 3

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Clubs and Groups

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Clubs and Groups

Concert Bands

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Concert Bands

Fall Sports Posed Team Photos

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Fall Sports/Event Candids

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Graduation 2014

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Hall Of Fame

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Hall Of Fame

Homecoming 2013-2014

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Prom 2014

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Prom 2014

Spring Sports Posed

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Winter Sports Posed

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WSHS Underclass Portraits 2013-2014

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